Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a time limit to complete The Rainbow Rally?
There is no time limit, you may complete the rally at your own pace. You must however make sure to have completed the rally by 6:00 pm.

2. How many checkpoints will there be?
There will be approximately 15 checkpoints in total, with a few of those checkpoints being in parks with planned activities.

3. Do I need to download the app to participate in The Rainbow Rally?
Not necessarily. You can download the app if you’d like, or you can login to The Rainbow Rally directly from your web browser.

4. How can I purchase my ticket?
You can purchase your team’s ticket directly on Eventbrite. Please note the ticket price is per car, regardless of the number of occupants. We do however request that all occupants of the car reside at the same address.

5. Will food and beverages be provided?
The ticket price does not include food and beverage, although there may be some surprise treats along the way! We recommend that you pack a lunch to enjoy at one of the parks along the route. You may also stop at any of the delicious restaurants along the way in the West Island.

6. Are kids of all ages welcome?
While the challenges are built for children of ages 3 and older, the whole family can certainly enjoy the experience together!

7. Where will The Rainbow Rally begin?
The point of departure is Plaza Pointe-Claire. The rally will begin at 10:30 am, with start times every 30 minutes. Limited tickets will be sold for each time slots, in order to limit the number of cars at each location at a given time.

8. What happens if I only complete half of The Rainbow Rally?
Your team can complete any part of The Rainbow Rally, without being obliged to complete it in its entirety. However, your team will only receive points for the tasks that have been completed.

9. How long will the event last?
The Rainbow Rally takes approximately two hours to complete. If your team chooses to complete all challenges (which we strongly encourage!) then you should plan for a total of 3 hours.

10. Do I need to start The Rainbow Rally at checkpoint A?
No. All teams will check in at Plaza Pointe-Claire in order to begin The Rainbow Rally. After check in, each team can decide which route is optimal. A map outlining the checkpoint zones will be provided to each team, in order to facilitate the rally.

11. Will any activities take place indoors?
No. All activities in which your team can choose to participate will be held at outdoor locations.

12. Do I need to return to Plaza Pointe Claire once my team has completed The Rainbow Rally?
No, once your team has completed The Rainbow Rally, you are done for the day and are free to go home!

13. How will we know if I won The Rainbow Rally?
Our members will review the tasks completed by each team at the end of the event in order to ensure each task has been completed satisfactorily. Once all team tasks have been reviewed, the winners will be announced and contacted by a member of our team.

14. How will we receive the clues that will lead us to our next stop?
The Rainbow Rally will be held on a digital platform called Scavify. All locations, tasks, activities and clues will be contained in this app.

15. Can I attend The Rainbow Rally with my friends?
Certainly! We do however ask that the occupants of each vehicle reside in the same household. You can follow the same route as your friends in order to complete The Rainbow Rally.